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The grass fence manufacturer produces it completely to meet your expectations. You can choose to learn that this kind of product will offer and offer size.

Grass Fence systems are a highly visual and wind-cutting wire and decorative fence system that you see all the time, but perhaps you do not know the name.

Grass Fence systems, which are mostly based on visuals, play a major role in protecting your buildings by providing high security according to usage conditions.

Grass Fence provides high level of image cutting, so the outer altars cannot reach the garden of your buildings and it provides high security with the razor wires that can be added on it.

grass fence manufacturer

How Is Grass Fence Produced?

Grass Fence is produced in the model of wire mesh fence systems.

First, two rows of galvanized wire are wrapped in pre-prepared PVC bands with the method of wrapping and made ready for braiding. Then it is processed in a wire mesh machine and given its final form.

How Is Grass Fence Produced

As a grass fence manufacturer; we produce and supply the most perfect grass fence products.

Grass Fence systems can be assembled without the need for another wire fence system, since they are a wire fence system on their own.

According to the areas to be installed, the soil floor, concrete floor and wire fence floor change.

After it dries, the grass fence is assembled with the help of tying wires. In applications made on the concrete floor, the wire fence is assembled with the help of steel dowels with the plates welded to the lower part of the wire fence posts and the grass fence is connected by stretching.

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