Razor Wire


Razor Wire

Razor barbed wire It is manufactured in different sizes as Ø450mm – 700mm – 900mm.

Razor barbed wire is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges. With a circularly winding and plain shape it is a wire group which is done by turning strip sheet on the inner line of steel wire. This wire is used on panels for deterrence strategy.

Razor barbed wire Wire supplier is a company who deals with security requirements. They may supply many different types of security fencing products, such as electric fencing and many different types of intrusion prevention systems. One very efficient security solution is the use of wire, and these are available in several different forms. These supplier can meet the needs of most wire application requirements.

Some of the security wires available are ribbon strip, prison mesh, razor barbed wire strip, tangle wire, ribbon mesh, concertina wire, and wall spikes can also be employed to enhance security on existing walled boundaries. They are galvanized to prevent corrosion, and the standard blade profile wire suits most applications from domestic fencing to riot barriers.

Razor barbed wire is available in several different types which can include

  • Razor mobile barrier
  • Concertina coil
  • Helical

A typical one will be manufactured from 2.5mm diameter high tensile spring steel wire, with a tensile strength of – 1500 MPA around which razor barbed wire sharp barbs of 0.50mm steel strips are cold clenched. This type of wire is available in short, medium or long blade as in concertina coil, flat wrap and single strand form for high security fences, military installations and other top security units. It is manufactured from galvanised strip or stainless steel strips. Stainless steel clips are used for clipping concertina coils, which give the product a much longer life.

Areas to Use

Razor wire has different barb options and these are

Concertina coil: Razor barbed wire tape is clipped around the circumference to form a helix of concertina coils. The concertina coils can be assembled in different dimensions to form a 300mm to 1500mm diameter wall top or ground level barrier as required in short barb. Medium barb, scrapper barb, long barb or axe barb versions.

A razor mobile barrier is produced when using razor wire barbed tape. This consists of carbon steel strips which have a series of sharp barbs uniformly punched along its length and cold clenched onto a high tension spring steel wire. This produces a razor wire barbed tape which is continuously serrated, almost impossible to cut with standard tools and resists intrusion effectively.

The range of a mobile barrier is made with two 600mm coils as a base, and one 1000mm diameter coil on top. A triple barrier can provide a fence height of 1500mm.

  • Short barb
  • Medium barb
  • Long barb
  • Scrapper barb
  • Axe barb

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