Grass Fence Panel

grass Fence Panel

Grass Fence Panel

Fence panel with the economy in financial meltdown and a knock on hunch to the housing market, fewer people are thinking about moving and are instead turning their interest to domestic and lawn upgrades.

A huge a part of this focus is on humans’s garden fencing and subsequently a choice is needed on what fence panel to choose. Despite the fact that selecting fencepanels on your lawn fencing may also in the beginning appear trustworthy, there are in fact many elements which need to be considered.

By and large your choice of fencepanel can be cut up into two awesome regions. The fence panel decided on can be used as a protection and perimeter measure, or it may be used as a ornamental function. There are a number of fencing panels to fit any of those necessities and underneath are details on some of those alternatives.


  • Non-flammable, non-glare

    Jidar fence panels are the Jidar grass and fence dressed in a construction painted with electrostatic oven paint. It is 100% handmade.

  • UV protected, does not discolor

    It can also be used as a barricade if desired.

  • Special galvanized 1.6 mm x 2 wires are used

    Standard dimensions are 100 cm x 200 cm. It can be produced upon request.

Fence panel lap panels

These fence panels offer a simple way to discover your gardens perimeter and are to be had to fit exclusive budgets, but are commonly considered the less high-priced opportunity. These fencepanels are typically supplied fully framed with batten, except for the most inexpensive model which may be furnished and not using a backside body.

These garden fence panels offer remarkable choice and as such are used all over the uk and may be provided in numerous colorations, consisting of light beige, an orangey brown and a darkish brown finish. Care must be taken when choosing your fence panel to make sure it is in keeping with contemporary local traits, as well as a comparable shade to the related posts and gravel forums that you could require as a way to erect your garden fencing.

Manifestly this fence panel variety gives wonderful choice and cost for cash, however like all things in existence, you get what you pay for. It have to be remembered that as a much less pricey fence panel this products lifestyles expectancy is short to medium term and isn’t as sturdy as a few options, so should no longer be erected in overly uncovered areas to wind.

Lap panels are commonly 6ft wide and are to be had in more than a few heights together with 3ft, 4ft, 5ft & 6ft.

Areas to Use

Closeboard panels

This kind of fence panel gives a extra stable option to that of the lap panel and its creation offer a more sturdy answer in your lawn fencing. This panel has a medium to long time life expectancy and is able to deal with a better wind loading quantity than the lap panel.

Just like the lap panel these fencepanels can be supplied in quite a number colorations and sizes.

Grange elite panels

This variety of fence panel gives a much more decorative finish to your lawn than either the lap or closeboard fencepanel.

In preference to the usual seems of either the lap or closeboard panels, the grange elite panels come in a ramification of styles, such as a lattice finish or curved pinnacle. Those panels provide terrific desire and can be used on a combination and healthy foundation to compliment your gardens universal look and experience.

These fence panels are smooth to erect and either facet can be used because the face side. The most effective small disadvantage to those fencepanels are a confined height variety.


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