Galvanized Wire


Galvanized Wire

Hot dipped galvanized wire


Our production lines can manufacture galvanized wires from  0,80 mm to 8,00 mm tchikness.Commercial galvanized wires are manufactured with  high quality n coating and the surface of the wires are cleaned through a pad.Hgh-Zinc coated wires are produced with a nitrogen wiping system. Production with low or medium carbon level, which is in international standards, is available in our production. Our wires are produced with 38-48-50 mm inner diameter and 70-80-95 mm outer diameter rosette cooling system. Column weights can vary between 350 kg and 2000 kg.

Hot dipped galvanized wire

·        Related fields :ISO EN 10257-1 & 2, ISO EN 10244-2, ASTM A461

·        Raw material Low, Medium and high carbon  (max. 0,90 %C)

·        Diamentre width:0,80 mm – 8,00 mm

·        Coating :40-600 g/m²


·        Wire qualities :GR34-GR65-GR85-GR105-GR125-GR145-GR165

Areas to Use

Using fields

·      Industrial applications

·      Environment security systems

·      Agriculture

·      Animal fields


·      Automotive 


The packing is arranged according to customer demand.

·      Badge coil

·      Concertina coil


·      Wooden /steel wheel

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