Fake Grass Wall Installation - Grass Fence

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and safe grass wall garden for families. There are many different options to make the cards look beautiful. The best option to securethe gardens are fence products.

Turkey is one of the world’s largest hedge products. Fences can be made of wood, galvanized or pvc coated wires. There is a new product on the market and it is called grass wall, lawn fence or wall grass. It is made of double galvanized wires and two cavities inside the wires. It is a special machine that does this. Grass fence is also called fake grass wall or fake grass fence because the grass used is artificial grass as it is not real grass. The main material of fakegrass fences are galvanized wires and artificial grass fences. It can be installed easily. Grass fence panels can be laid using plastic clamps or wires. We have no experience in installing grass fence or siphon fence panels.

Fake Grass Wall Manufacturer in Turkey

They don’t need maintenance. Poor wall or grass fence panels, manufactured in different sizes, are also a good option for privacy and protection against storms. Air can enter but must be done in Turkey to be tozlanmaz.i quality, otherwise the color of the wings can be easily left. The advantages are many. Grass fence panels can be used with grass fence panels, lawn fields, swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, etc.

The fake grass fence produced in Turkey are exported to many countries; USA, UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia… etc.

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