Grass Fence

Grass fence panel our grass fence manufacturers the synthetic box hedges appearance so practical and add inexperienced to even the dullest surfaces.

durable UV-resistant, our grass fence manufacturer and boxwood mat is weatherproof and keeps its fresh appearance all yr round.

The grass fence manufacturer is easy to take care of the wall grass no water unless you use water for cleaning purposes.

ideal for covering walls, front or outdoor fences, bars, trellis or anywhere you need to update the ugly with beauty.

The mild softness of this boxwood wall offers a lush and herbal look, while the durable overall performance of the excessive-density polyethylene cannot surpass it.

perfect for privateness or beauty indoors or outdoors in your home or office.

With our artificial grass fence manufacturer boxwood shapes, shaping and designing is straightforward with simply household scissors.

We included the interlocking connectors for smooth set up.

Grass fence with this barbed wire you’re nicely equipped to secure pastures or objects with excessive protection needs – choose between the galvanized or green (plastic-coated) version!

The barbed wire is particularly resistant to tension and breakage, in order that intruders are effectively repelled.

It gets its deterrent impact from its robust knots with 4 lengthy, pointed spines.

those are attached at periods of approx. 10 cm and make sure the necessary balance.

The barbed wire is truly wound off the roll.

so that you do not come into touch with the spikes when transporting the roll, it has a sensible handle.

you could use the barbed wire in a variety of ways.

in addition to the fencing of properties and meadows or pastures, as an example, the use as a means of repelling animals such. B. martens possible.

persuade your self of the high quality of our barbed wire!

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