Grass Fence – Grass Fence Panels Production

Grass fence is commonly used as one of the new generation decorating products.

Grass fences are generally in a different structure from the grass carpet, which is used in carpet field.

It is also considered as a new generation fence.

Easy to use, easy to use. In addition to being easy to assemble, it is very practical to disassemble and move to a different area.

grass fence

Grass fence:

  • It is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has a natural and peaceful appearance.
  • It makes its environment attractive.
  • It is used seriously for decoration purposes.
  • It provides both a modern and natural look.
  • It is also preferred by people who want to isolate their garden from the outside world.
What Are The Usage Areas Of Grass Fence

What Are The Usage Areas Of Grass Fence?

In general, they are structures that are salvation from PVCs, which are very durable and resistant to light.

These fences, which are consumed from galvanized wires; it does not burn or otherwise catch fire. Not just for safety and candy; ugly screen are also structures that prevent.

It can be used in the conditions of these products that remain green and look aesthetically elegant. It can be purchased once with a fairly long history and cannot be used anywhere.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is very easy to write and remove. Grass fence panels;

It is used on fence surfaces. General usage areas:

  • On the wall
  • On the balconies,
  • On the terraces
  • Concrete,
  • Wire mesh surface sections,
  • It is used in carpet fields.

Thanks to this product, you can get a serious and natural look in your home, restaurant, cafe, tea garden.

Grass fence will provide you with a pleasant time in four seasons without being separated from the nature.

This product, which is very easy to maintain, is loved by many people.

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Grass fences are the best options to secure the borders of anywhere.The fences can be made of different materials. Most of fences are made from different types of wires.There are wires made of galvanized wires, pvc coated wires or wooden fences. The grassfence panels can be manufactured in different sizes and qualities. Grass Fence blog

There is a new grassfence type in the market and it is very easy to install. It is called grass fence or grassfence panels. Grassfence panels are made of 1.6 mm galvanized wires. There is a special machine which is twisting two galvanized wire and during this process inserting pvc leafs in the middle of galvanized wires. Grassfence panels can be made in different heights and lengths. The most common  sizes of grassfences are – it is also called hedge panel-  one meter height and ten meter lengths , one and half meter height and ten meters length or two meters heights and ten meters lengths. As grassfence manufacturing machines are special the lenghts and heights of the grassfence panels can be adjusted easily shop. Most of grass fence manufacturers are located in Istanbul – Turkey as Turkey is one of the biggest producer of industrial items nowadays.

grass fence
grass fence

Grass Fence Panels Production

There are different types of machines for producing grass fence. It is also named grass wall . Grassfence panels gives full security , privacy and a nice green look. Fencegrass panels can be manufactured in different colours but it is mostly in green colour. There are two shades of green colour, light green and dark green. Grassfences panels are used in borders ,  swimming pools , playing areas and anywhere which is asked to get a green and nice look.

    Grass fence panels can be washed and they are having UV protection and no need maintenance. Turkey is exporting grassfence panels to diffirent countries such as ; Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arap Emirates, Qatar, United States of America, Argentina, Serbia, Bosnia, Belgium, German, Greece, Bulgaria, Iraq …etc