Grass Fence Panels

Grass fence panels can also be on a single ; on several panels as well. So there is no limit to this either.

In order to give clear information about the grass fence dimensions, the area to be applied should be examined. How many panels to use can only be revealed in this way.

All of them vary according to the budget and application area. For this reason, you can get more clear information about the subject by contacting us.

grass fence panels

How Are Grass Fence Sizes Determined?

As we mentioned above, the area is examined in order to determine a right size for the grass fence panels.

Field investigation is; It is made by considering a number of criteria. 

First of all, after contacting our company, our authorized personnel within our company will come to the address you have given. Afterwards, they will note which materials should be used and the area boundaries.

How Are Grass Fence Sizes Determined

While taking the grass fence panels measurements; All the following criteria, especially the ground flatness, are subject to attention:

  • Whether there is a curved area,
  • The height to save the space,
  • Suitability according to the fence type to be preferred,
  • Security weakness,
  • After learning what kind of grass fence is desired in terms of thickness,
  • and then taking the appropriate measure, the cost will come out as a rough draft.

The customer will be informed of all the details in the measurement process. Determining how much fence will be used in the area, why the grass fence type decided to be applied is chosen and much more are stated to the customer.

Grass fence panels measurements are made in this way.

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