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Grass fence panels, stainless, non-oxidizing or galvanized panel fence is formed as a result of covering or combining with a special PVC synthetic grass. Thus, the structure becomes both durable and robust. Grass fence blog and contact us

Grass fence panels are resistant to burning, fading or other different wear. Another important feature is that they can be cleaned. However, we do not recommend using chemical materials for cleaning. Because artificial turf, which is an oil-bought product, may come into contact with different chemicals.

grass fence panels

Installation methods and used information of grass fence can be presented according to where they are used.

For example, you can try different version metal poles and versions in wall application for metal poles. But the important thing to remember is the best grade of all materials to be used. To give an example, the drying process makes grass fence panels much more processing.

Grass fence usage has reached high levels, especially with the change of trends in decoration and landscaping.
In this time, including special structures; Around schools, buildings and sites, around sports grounds; Pretty much imaginable, the fence commitment grass fence has been possible.

What Are Grass Fence Panels?

Decorative grass fence, also known as grass fence, have become one of the most preferred fence types today. It is a very functional product since it is used for both safety and aesthetic perception at the same time. In fact, these products are a wire mesh system combined with artificial turf.

So what kind of grass is used for decorative grass fence panels? Are all fence types suitable for grass fence ? In this article, we will give useful information about grass fence , which are increasing in popularity every day. In order to do this, we will need to take a closer look at these panels.

Grass fence panels are extremely useful and beneficial. Yes, it may not provide the security of a military facility, but it is an ideal product for lower security needs. They are generally used in places such as villas, gardens or sites. Apart from grass fence, it is also known as wall grass or vertical grass.
Grass fence are very simple to install. In addition, they can be easily disassembled and reinstalled elsewhere. Thus, you can easily ensure both security and landscape.

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