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We take great pride in being a grass fence manufacturer. Considering the usage area, it is a privilege to sell this product which is really great and has advantages.
Grass Fence has a convenient and deterrent feature in terms of safety in organized industrial zones, military areas, school perimeter walls, hospital circles, garden circles and sports areas. Grass Fence is installed on the above-ground land by concreting. Grass fence magazine and cotact us

    With this mounting method, it provides an aesthetic appearance to the area where it is located. In accordance with this aesthetic design, doors made of Grass fence can be used for door entrances.

    gras fence manufacturer

    Using Grass Fence, shelters are also made for pets. The natural appearance of animal shelters is given by producing in desired dimensions and shapes. When the Grass Fence is produced and assembled with green color, an appearance identical to nature is obtained. In this way, the aesthetics of greenery are preserved. Grass Fence is an indispensable material to protect pets from predators.

    Due to the grass fence manufecturer security provided when the product used in living spaces. Grass Fence is of all sizes and adds beauty to garden entrances where it is applied according to the desired model. Grass Fence Manufacturer is a weather resistant production material and can be easily assembled.
    Grass Fence provides a beautiful appearance that is not disturbing for landscaping today and is highly preferred.

    Pricing and Product Diversity

    Grass Fence Price List

    As a grass fence manufacturer, pricing is based on M2 calculation. Our grass Fence products are coated with polyester over galvanized and there are different color alternatives. For Grass Fence color, you can choose from RAL 6005 green, black and all RAL colors.
    Grass Fence is with 5 * 20 cm intervals and is 8 + 6 + 8 mm thick.

    For grass fence price list, please contact us from the contact section. You can get information about Grass fence prices by communicating by phone or mail.
    Prices vary according to the product type and grass fence size you want. You can reach the contact page here for information about grass fence prices.

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