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Below are some landscaping pointers and ideas you may recall for enhancing your fence line:

• earlier than starting to plant along fence the line, make certain you cast off any brush and particles at the area. This indicates casting off weeds developing alongside the privacy fence. You could use a weed trimmer to cut down weeds and grass subsequent to the fence.

• apart from planting decorative plant life, the location along the fence is the precise place to develop long, slender vegetable lawn beds. The fit to be eaten lawn will enhance and enhance the appearance of the location at the same time as making the space useful to produce your very own meals.

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• if you need to cowl a number of the wood fence’s components (mainly the old, rotten ones) plant vines, like bougainvillea or trumpet vine along the bottom of the fence. Those vines will obviously develop up the fence to add colour in your fence and at the identical time, soften the look of the wooden.

• if you want to develop flowers alongside the fence line, develop tall decorative grasses, together with cape thatching reed or muhly grass, along the vicinity. When they develop, they’ll fill out to cowl a big vicinity of the fence at the same time as adding motion and texture on your outside space.

• to have blooming vegetation near your fence, plant decorative grasses with flowering perennials such as poppies or hydrangeas. You may also do not forget growing flowering herbs like chives and lavender considering that they paintings brilliant for exclusive varieties of border gardens.

• you could also recall planting pots. Vicinity big, ornamental pots alongside the fence line. Make certain you pace the pots lightly alongside the privacy structure. To feature color and increase visible interest to the region, grow a variety of vegetation in one pot.


• lastly, to enhance the look of your fence and outdoor area, you can also grasp decorative garden furnishings which includes metal lanterns as accent portions. But, make certain you select only lightweight garden decorations that might not motive the fence to sag or lean and screw the pieces into the wood securely.

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